Clinical Paid Studies

Dr. De Leon and Georgina De Leon, Paid Clinical Studies team.
We are looking for individuals to participate in PAID studies. You do not have to be a previous or current patient, you don't need insurance, and your paid study will include a stiphon for every visit, medicines needed for the study and any diagnostic or laboratory tests. Qualification will be determined through a thorough screening process. If you think you or someone you know could be a candidate for any of the following studies, please contact our research department and speak to Dr. Manuel DeLeon at 786-597-7834 or if Dr. DeLeon is unavailable, contact our offices at 305-598-6696 and specify that it is reference paid studies.


 Hypertension: A study targeting male and females with non-complicated hypertension, that will be administered common use medicines to evaluate the eficacy and safety of such medicines for a study period lasting approximately eleven weeks.

 Non-Complicated Urinary Infection: A study targeting females with non-complicated
urinary infection, where the study will evaluate the eficacy and safety of an administered urinary analgesic frequently used in combination with antibiotics for a study period of two days.



 Gout and Cardiovascular Risk: This study compares two primary medicines used on a long term basis for patients both male and female that have gout and cardiovascular risks, evaluating the eficacy and safety of such medicines during a period of 5 years.


 Gout Hard to Control: This study evaluates the efectiveness and safety of medicines used to diminish the production and increase the excretion of uric acid in patients with gout hard to control both male and female.